Soccer Collection Process

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Melissa Wilcox, Soccer Finance Director
    • Melissa will collect money from the parents only on Monday and Tuesday of every week, from 6PM to 7:30PM, only at the Practice Location. Melissa will call Madan, Jorge and Lakshmi if she is not able to be at a practice on a Monday or Tuesday and they will figure out who can take care of collections for that day.
    • Melissa will give a receipt for every payment
    • At 7:30 Melissa will update the Summary of Collections Report and give the report and the money to Jorge in an EUEF Collections Bag.
      • Melissa, please make sure have a number of copies of this report with you so that you never run out of a copy when you need it.
    • Every Monday at 8PM Jorge, Madan and Melissa will have a meeting to discuss how the collections are going. Melissa will review her timesheet for the week with Madan and Jorge at this meeting.
    • Melissa will take the receipt book home with her and enter the receipts into TeamSnap and into EUEF Collections 1 Spreadsheet. Melissa will put a check mark on the receipts that have been entered into the system.
  • Lakshmi Sreeni, Operations Manager
    • Lakshmi will collect the EUEF Collections Bag from JorgeĀ 

1. Melissa will collect the money from the parents only on Monday and Tuesday at the practice location.

2. Melissa will give a receipt for all payments to parents.

3. Melissa will give a Summary of Collections Report