Mondopad’s human, natural touch interface changes the way people interact with information, collaborate and connect. Meetings are more engaging, content is more immersive, and audiences are more engaged. The included MondoControl software makes full use of the Mondopad’s multi-touch capabilities to simplify and optimize all of its presentation, annotation and collaboration applications.

To start with Smart Technologies offers two Touch Screen LCDs: the 55″ and 70″ 8070i. Each of the touch screen lcd models come with either the Smart Notebook software for education or the Smart Meeting Pro software for Business. The Smart 55″ LCD retails for $5,999 and the Smart 70″ retails for around $10,000.

The InFocus Mondopad also comes in two sizes the 55″ Mondopad and the 70″ MondoPad. The price points are similiar although the InFocus Mondopad comes with a built-in-computer. The Intel computer also includes a full suite of Microsoft Office. It also comes with Windows 8 and has the ability to take advantage of all the new touch controls in Windows 8.


Let’s start with the software. The Smart Notebook software is geared strictly toward the educational market. Teachers who are already using Smart Notebook know the software is installed on a PC or MAC for presentations. The Notebook Software is very similar to PowerPoint with other added collaboration and student teacher tools. Smart Notebook software remains one of the most intuitive and powerful software available to teacher today.

Next is Smart Meeting Pro: Smart Meeting Pro enables Smart products to collaborate over the web. Smart Meeting Pro comes pre-built with intuitive conference room style presentation and collaboration tools. Smart meeting pro connects any two Smart Boards with a Bridgit Server.

The InFocus MondoPad comes with the MondoPad software for: Whiteboarding, Presentations, Video Conferencing and has a full windows 8 computer in the background. The beauty of this set-up is that it allows IT departments to customize the applications available like a giant iPad. It’s simple to integrate Windows 8 applications to show up just like a giant iPad. The MondoPad also comes with iPhone, Android and iPad applications. Also, the MondoPad comes with a HD video conferencing camera and microphone.