Niveditha Lakshminarayanan

Nivi Lakshminarayanan is a high school student attending University Preparatory Academy. She is interested in pursuing a career in the field of biology or medicine. She avidly participates in school activities, such as performances in school plays and talent shows, and is an active member of the UPA Speech and Debate Team.
She loves music, and has been learning Indian Classical Music for about 5 years. 
She has been taking art classes for the past year. She enjoys travel, and has journeyed to countries, including Costa Rica, Great Britain, India, Switzerland, and Singapore. She enjoys adventure sports such as zip-lining and jet skiing. She enjoys nature treks and being outdoors.

Nivi also feels the need to give back to the community, and engages in many Community Service Activities around the city. She has been taking art classes for the past year. Twice a month, she helps make breakfast and lunch for a local homeless shelter. She also is a member of the program, Creative Hands, helping autistic children learning valuable life skills. She has been a core director of Evergreen United since December 2012.

Nivi's Music

Community Service

Lamp painting for Creative Hands

Trip to India

Agra, India:            

                        Entrance to the Mughal King                                            The Taj Mahal

                            Humayun's Tomb                                                                                         

New Delhi, India:        

                                            India Gate                         The Lotus Temple (Bahá'i Mandir)

Jaipur, India:        

                                       Ambar Fort                                                             Agra Fort