Accounting: Soccer Fee Collection Process

This is the process used to collect all fees from Parents and Team Managers.
  1. Payments are received ONLY in Room P8 of LeyVa Middle School, between 6:15PM and 6:45PM every Monday and Tuesday.
  2. A receipt is given for every individual payment. If a Team Manager brings in 5 payments from players, 5 receipts have to be given.
  3. After 6:45 all payments are entered into the EUEF Payments Google Doc with Date, Receipt Numbers and Amounts.
  4. All payments are entered into TeamSnap and EUEF Collections1. In TeamSnap we just mark it as Paid. In EUEF Collections1 we enter the details in a Comment in the Cell and mark the cell in Black: Receipt No, Check No, Check Date, Amount.
  5. All money collected is delivered to Madan Bellam the same day and the EUEF Payments Google Doc is updated with date and time it was given to Madan.
  6. Madan Bellam will track all payments not related to training in the EUEF Payments Spreadsheet: Uniforms, Tournaments, etc.
  7. Madan Bellam will deposit all money into the Bank the same day. EUEF Payments Google Doc is updated with date and time of deposit.