Guest Player Policy

A player from the same age or younger age group can guest play on another team. The player has to be specifically assigned for guest play by Coach Jorge Espinoza.

All Guest Players are added to the Roster of the team in TeamSnap under the Non-Player/Guest Player section. No fees are charged when a player is guest playing on another team.

There are two types of Guest Players: MUST-GUEST and OPTIONAL-GUEST and every player's guest type is shown in TeamSnap in the Roster under the "Position" field.

A guest player is designated as a Must-Guest Player when the team he or she is guesting into depends on the player to attend each and every game played by the team. This happens when the team is short on players. A MUST-GUEST player has to play in all the games played by the team they are guesting into. If they are not able to do so or do not wish to do so they will be removed from the team they are guesting into.

A guest player is designated as an Optional-Guest Player when their presence in the games that team plays is optional. An Optional-Guest player can choose the games they want to play on for the team they are guesting into. They will not be removed from the team if they are not able to attend the games of the team they are guesting into. A player cannot play as an OPTIONAL-GUEST player on a given weekend if they did not play a MUST-GUEST game that weekend.

Requesting players to Guest-Play
Team Managers will have the player passes for all the MUST-GUEST Players and OPTIONAL-GUEST players on their team. If they would like to request a player who is not a Guest player on their team they must approach Jorge Espinoza with that request. Jorge will speak with the player and decide if he would like them to guest play. Jorge will then provide the player pass to the Team Manager. Any Team Manager directly requesting a player to guest play on their team or any Team Manager who gives the player pass for a player to another Team Manager without express permission from Jorge will lose their privilege to manage the team.