NorCal Premiere League site management guide

U8 to U13 Teams

If your team is U8 to U13 you will use the NorCal Premiere website.
  1. Accessing your team Page
    • Go to the Evergreen United Soccer Club page:
    • Look for your team name under the proper League and click on it
    • Login using your email ID and PIN. Contact Madan if you forgot your PIN or are having trouble logging in.
  2. Pre-Match Report or Game Card
    • Before every game you need to print out a Pre-Match Report or Game Card. The home team is responsible for giving this to the Referee, but it is good to take a copy to Away games also. You can print this by going to the Team Page and clicking on Show Schedule at the bottom and clicking on the "vs" link between the two teams that are playing.
  3. Reporting Game Scores
    • The Home team is supposed to report the score on the NorCal Site after every game. If the other team does not update the site within 24 hours after game time, even if we are the Away Team, you should go ahead and update the game score. 
    • After you login you are on the Start Screen. If you are not on the Start Screen, click on the Start Screen link at the top right.
    • Click on Team Score Reporting.
    • Remember to enter the game score carefully so that you report the correct score. Contact Madan if you make a mistake and are not able to correct it.
  4. Managing the Roster of players
    • You can have up to 24 players on your team roster at any time and 14 are Active for any game. Active players are the players you take to a game. So, go ahead and add as many players as may ever play on your team into the Roster.
    • If a player is not Available on the NorCal site for you to add to the team roster please contact Madan so that he can add the player to the Pool of Players
U14 and Above Teams
    • Go to
    • Click on User Login at the top
    • Click on Login under "Teams and Team Officials"
    • Under "Team Account" enter Username=xxx, Password=yyy. Click on Login. Note that you have to enter your team's GotSoccer username and password. Contact Madan if you do not know your team's username and password.
    • Click on "2013 NorCal Premier Fall League U14-U19"
    • Click on Schedule
    • To print the game card click on the small Red Icon all the way on the left of the game.
    1. You can easily report scores by calling the phone number on the Game Card and following directions. Or you can report the scores on the internet as follows:
    2. Go to
    3. Click on User Login at the top
    4. Under Event Scheduling/Scoring click on Scoring Input
    5. At the top of our Game Card for the game we have an Event Id and PIN. Enter those now. Click on Go.
    6. At the top of the Game Card is the Game number. Enter it now and click on Go.
    7. Click on the H next to the team name. Enter the Home and Away scores and click on Save.