Referee Management for Comp Teams

Our License and Master Setup

    • Evergreen United Soccer Club, Group ID:107863
    • Licensed from March 17, 2013 to March 24, 2014.
    • Arbiter Technical Support is at 801-576-9436. Email: with our group ID 107863 and pertinent contact information.
    • Licensed for 15 Officials (Referees)
      • Madan Bellam, Javier Rodriguez, Wilmar Bautista
    • Licensed for 3 Admins
      • Paul Swart, Jorge Espinoza, Madan Bellam
  • Setting up Arbiter
    • To change global preferences for our whole group login as the Primary Admin (Paul)
    • Current setup:
      • Show all games from March 17, 2013 to March 24, 2014
      • We allow officials to DENY games
      • We do not enforce Accept By dates
        • Please monitor this carefully and call officials so that they all accept in time.
      • Default permissions for a newly setup Official: 
        • We have set this up as EU Official Defaults. You can Apply all of these permissions in one shot to a new official.
    • Setting up Admins
      • Login as Paul. Click on Users, Group Admins. Click on the + sign in the user list.
      • After creating the user, click on Settings, Permissions and Make sure to give each admin the permissions they need.

Setting up Games in Arbiter

  • Setting up games in Arbiter
    • Only the Game Schedulers should do this
    • Current Game Schedulers: Paul Swart, Madan Bellam
    • A game will be put into Arbiter only when the time has been finalized for it. If there is any change to the game date or time, the Scheduler will update it in Arbiter.

Adding new Officials (Referees)

  • Creating new Officials (referees) in the system
    • We only have 15 official licenses, so please mark as InActive any officials who are not refereeing games. I think the system will let you have 15 Active officials.
    • Login using Admin userid
    • Click on Users
    • Click on the + sign in the referee list.
    • We need the following information from an official to register them in our system.
      • Full name, Email Address, Address, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Cell Phone Number, Home Phone Number
      • Some of this information will get replaced from the official's global profile if they are an existing official in the system.
    • Add the official information and click Next till done.
    • Setup the permissions for this official
      • Click on SETTINGS at the top. Click on Permissions. Click on Advanced on the left hand side. Click on Officials on the left hand side.
      • Under "By Permission Set or by Official:", select EU Official Default
      • All the way on the right, select the name of the official and click on the Apply blue button.
        • This gives this official the following permissions:
          • Sign In the System, View Master Schedule (without assignments), View Roster of Contacts, View Roster of Sites, View Roster of Teams, Block dates and times, Email Game Reminders (2 Days before Game)
          • NOTE THAT "Self-Assign Games" is NOT enabled for any official at this time. Jorge wants to do this himself for now.
    • Click on Users and in the list click on the Send Welcome email icon at the end of the user details and send them a Welcome Email. The email icon will go away once you send the user a Welcome email.
    • After you do this the official will get an email and will be able to login and Accept the invitation by our Club. If they have a global profile in the system already the profile information in our system will be replaced by their global profile information.

Assigning Games to Officials (Referees)

  • Assigning and re-assigning Officials (Referees) to games in Arbiter
    • Only Referee Assigners should do this
    • Current Referee Game Assigners: Jorge Espinoza
  • The Arbiter-User Guide for Assigners.pdf file is available below for download. Please download and review this file to learn how to manage referee assignments.

Official/Referee User Guide

    • Important Notes:
      • We have setup our system such that most officials CANNOT self-assign themselves to games. Games will be assigned by Evergreen United Referee Game Assigners.
    • The Official will receive a Welcome Email with their userid and password. You have to login and change your password.
    • The Arbiter-User Guide for Referees.pdf file is available below for download. Please download and review this file to learn how to use the Arbiter system.
    • Once you are signed in the system, you may want to do the following:
      • You can block dates when you can’t work.
      • Make sure your personal information is accurate by clicking the Profile tab. Phone numbers can be updated by clicking the Phones link on the left-hand side of the profile page. A picture of yourself in either jpg or gif format can also be uploaded using the left-hand menu. Pictures of officials are always appreciated by our admins.
      • Mark yourself as Ready to be assigned once you have set your availability and other blocks by clicking the check box located on the at the top right of your Main tab. If you don’t have this checked, your admin might not assign you to any games.
      • When your admin assigns you to games, you will receive a notification email. Then it’s up to you to accept or decline games. To do this, you must sign into the system and view your game schedule. On the right side of your game schedule, you will see accept and decline check boxes. Once you are finished marking the games, be sure to click the Submit button to submit the changes and have the games accepted or declined.
    • Where can you get further help?
      • If you need further assistance, please email your admin at Additional contact information for Paul Swart or other administrators is available if you sign in and click the Lists tab, Assn. Officers sub tab, then click an administrator's name.

Rainouts: Best Practices

Below you will find tips on marking games rained out and canceled:
  • Rained out games do not free up an officials’ availability. If you want them to be available for other assignments during the original game time, mark the game as canceled rather than rained out. 
  • When changing a game status, you will be brought to a Confirm Assignments page. If you do not send out emails from this page, then the respective statuses for the officials’ will not change. If you navigate away from the page without sending notifications then the officials’ statuses remain the same. 
  • When a game has been marked Rainout, Canceled, Forfeited or Suspended, all the official slots are changed to “published” and the game will then show in the “Future games with issues” filter. As indicated in the previous bullet, this only happens if you select the option to notify the officials after changing the game status. 
  • Rainout, Canceled, Forfeited or Suspended are automatically “accepted” when officials go to their schedule page. This lets the account administrator(s) know that the official has viewed the change. When all the officials have seen the game it will no longer show in the “Future games with issues” filter because all of the slots will be marked “accepted”. 
  • Officials using ArbiterConnected can receive text messages to notify them of the games changes. Text message notifications follow the same rules as described above. 

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