Scheduling NorCal Competitive Games

Scheduling NorCal competitive games is a very arduous task that affects coaches, parents, players and referees. It is one of the most important tasks and HAS to be done properly. As NorCal Clubs have always been very good at negotiating game times between the two teams there is a constant need to accommodate the various scheduling requests of other clubs. NorCal has recognized the complexity of this issue and has implemented their website in a way that all concerned parties are notified automatically when the scheduling change requests and scheduling changes are done through the NorCal Website.

Here are some guidelines that everyone doing scheduling in the Evergreen United Soccer Club HAVE to follow.

Scheduling Priorities

  1. Coach
  2. Field
  3. Works for our players, including the players who are MUST-GUEST players on the team
  4. Works for opposing team

Rules for making Re-Scheduling Requests to Scheduling Director (Paul Swart)

These rules apply when you request our Scheduling Director (Paul Swart) to re-schedule a game. You are welcome to re-schedule any game for your own team, without having to consult with Paul, by talking with Jorge and deciding what works best for your team. If you want Paul's help then you HAVE to follow these rules:
  1. Players who agree to be on multiple rosters have to accept that they will play on 2 games in a single day. Maybe even 3 on rare occasions. No schedule request can be made because these star guest players would have 2 or more games.
  2. If there is at least one hour rest between 2 games, no reschedule request can be made.
  3. If there is a coach available who knows the team, then no reschedule request can be made when the desired coach cannot make it due to schedule conflict.
  4. In the week before the next weekend games, reschedule request can only be made where a team will be short because players they need are already engaged elsewhere.
  5. The person requesting a reschedule (other than Jorge) MUST provide one or more alternative play dates that can work for both teams, meaning that person must have reviewed the opponent's schedule before making an alternative suggestion.

Scheduling Decision Making

Obtaining Fields for a Game

Scheduling a Coach for a Game

Using the NorCal Website for Scheduling

Scheduling Referees for a Game

Updating TeamSnap with Game Details