TeamSnap Team Management Guide

  1. Accessing the TeamSnap site
    • From an Internet Browser
      • Go to and login
    • From iPhone, Android smartphones
      • Install the TeamSnap app
    • Contact Madan to get Team Manager access to your team's TeamSnap site
  2. Payments tab
    • Contact Madan or Melissa Wilcox if you need any changes to be made in the Payments tab for your team.
    • NEVER make changes in the Payments tab on your site yourself. DO NOT mark payments or change dues. Use that tab ONLY to see who still owes dues so that you can follow up with them.
    • Send all payment reminder messages through TeamSnap using the Messages tab
  3. Game and Event details
    • Using the Schedule tab, you can add and update all Game and Event details on your team site
    • Automatic email notifications are sent by TeamSnap to parents for all games and events.
    • Setup game and event locations properly as parents can get directions easily from TeamSnap
    • You can hide old games and events from showing up by clicking on View Preferences button in the Schedules page
    • CHECK THE NORCAL SITE 3 DAYS BEFORE EVERY GAME to make sure it matches the game schedule for that weekend in TeamSnap. Update the TeamSnap schedule if there is a difference and make sure the check the "Notify Parents" checkbox while doing the update so that all the parents receive an email about the change right away. If you have been setup as a Team Manager in NorCal you will receive an email every time there is a schedule or location change for a game. You should update TeamSnap only when the date/time for a game has been finalized. Bob Wilcox is currently updating all the teams' TeamSnap sites so that Team Managers do not have to worry about this step, but PLEASE always double check your site and fix any issues you see there. YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR PARENTS NOT KNOW ABOUT A GAME OR GO TO THE WRONG LOCATION FOR A GAME.
  4. Sending Emails and Text Messages to the Team
    • Use the Messages tab to send emails and text messages to the team
    • You can select who should get the message
  5. Managing the player roster for a game
    • Ask parents to update their player availability in the Availability tab
    • If a parent calls or emails you about their Availability but has not marked it on the TeamSnap site you should go ahead and make that change on TeamSnap
    • 48 hours before game time check and see if you have enough players for a game. For U8, U9, U10 and U11 you should have 10 players per game. U11 should have 13 players per game in the Spring Season as they play 11 v 11 on the field. U12 and above should have 13 players per game. Go ahead and invite Guest Players from other teams if you have less than the required number of players for a game.
    • Players who have not marked their Availability for a game and show up for a game anyway may get less or no playing time. Please make sure parents are away of this policy.
  6. Managing Game Snacks
    • Soccer players love to snack. That’s because soccer is a super energy-intensive sport. And snacks help the players recharge. Game Snacks are the highlight of the game for many kids, so please make sure your team brings Game Snacks for every game. Bring a quick half time snack and a larger post-game snack.
    • What parents should bring. Make sure you tell them.
      • Half-time snacks
        At half-time most coaches prefer that the kids have just fruit and water. That way, the kids get charged up without getting overly full. Here are some popular fruits that kids can eat fast:
        • Orange slices
        • Easy-peel Clementines
        • Grapes
        • Cantaloupe, watermelon or honeydew melon chunks
        • Strawberries
      • After the Game Snacks
        • After the game, there’s more time. First and foremost, the kids are thirsty. All the players will have brought their own water bottles to the game, so providing drinks is optional. But many parents do like to bring 100% fruit juice or bottled water for the players to enjoy with their snacks. Of course, the team is usually seriously hungry, too. You can start by setting out any leftover fruit from halftime. Then, here are a few ideas for the rest of the post-game snack:
          • For early morning games:
            • Whole-wheat mini-bagels with cream cheese and jelly
            • Mini-yogurt cups and whole-grain graham crackers 
            • Granola bars
            • Whole-grain muffins
          • For just before lunch games:
            • String cheese and whole-grain crackers (fish shaped, perhaps) 
            • Half sandwiches on whole-wheat bread (PB&J, turkey & cheese, etc.) 
            • Peanut butter on celery sticks 
          • For afternoon games:
            • Popcorn and baby carrots
            • Oatmeal-raisin cookies
            • Whole-grain crackers and cheese
            • Trail mix made from whole-grain cereal, nuts, raisins, pretzels, chocolate chips, etc.
    • In the Refreshments tab you can hide the details for old games and events by clicking on the View Preferences button at the top right
    • In the Refreshments tab assign games to parents for Game Snacks and send a message to the parents informing them to check the Refreshments tab
      • Ask parents to bring healthy snacks
    • Parents can update the Refreshments tab for themselves and select which games they want to bring Game Snacks but it works MUCH BETTER if you assign a game to every parent