This is the script for a short film to be made by Tholikiranam Productions.


Story and Screenplay By: Madan Bellam, Sitara Bellam, Niveditha Lakshminarayanan
Feb, 2013 


I am not what I think I am. I am not what you think I am. I am what I think you think I am.


There are two neighbors, one is an African-American and the other is Caucasian. They each have a strong characteristic that the other craves for. It is achievable only by changing their race. A relative invents a pill which enables them to do it for a period of 8 hours at a time. They each decide to take the pill. The reveal at the end is the actual taking of the pill.

Summary 2

The boy is a seventeen year old dumb jock. He is an incredibly talented basketball player with a low IQ. He is constantly made fun of by his team mates for his low IQ. The boy has an older brother who is cruel to him because he is jealous. The girl is an extremely smart seventeen year old. While she plays basketball herself, she is barely decent at the sport. She has a father who constantly pressures her, as his life and happiness depend upon his daughter playing good basketball. The mom, who is so jealous about the time her husband devotes to the daughter, continuously needles her daughter for being a terrible player.