Sitara Bellam

Sitara Bellam is a high school student at University Preparatory Academy. She is interested in pursuing a career in medical research. Sitara is a member of the UPA soccer team and regularly performs in school talent shows.

She enjoys singing and has been learning Indian Classical music for the past eight years. Another extracurricular activity she enjoys is art and she had been attending an art school for three years now. She also participates in sports and has played competitive soccer since she was nine years old.

She has been involved with Evergreen Education Foundation since February 2011 and is part of the foundation team. She is a referee for the EUEF soccer league and was an assistant teacher/art teacher at our 2012 summer camp. She is now a youth director and an active member of our Scholarships committee.

Sitara's Music

Sitara's Soccer

Sitara has been playing soccer for 7 years now for Mount Hamilton Youth Soccer League, a local Evergreen league. While she was playing recreational soccer at the age of 9, Sitara joined a competitive team two years later. She now plays the goalie position for the Cobra's, a U15 girls team in the Silver Elite bracket. Sitara additionally played on her varsity school team, the UPA Golden Eagles. 

Sitara's Art

Art has always been a hobby and passion of Sitara's. She has attended an art school in Almaden called Lord of the Light Art Studio for the last 4 years. 

Age 14; This was Sitara's              Age 15; This oil pastel                  Age 14; This is another
first attempt at a pencil                piece is a still life artwork             pencil sketch inspired by
sketch.                                      based on a picture of a lamp.         a picture on Tumblr. 

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